Thursday, September 25, 2008

Canning tuna

So, I have this neighbor who is a tuna fisherman. He goes out in this tiny boat for days at a time (WITH a helper) and catches a couple hundred tuna. Then he brings them in, sleeps for a day because he's exhausted, and spends the next several days selling his catch off the back of his boat. When it's all sold he takes the afternoon off, gets up the next morning and goes out again. Tuna season is only a couple months long, but still, this seems like a hard way to earn a living.

I'd never had fresh tuna until we moved here. It's amazing! It bears almost no resemblance to the fishy stuff from the can. You can grill it or fry it or bake it. It's all delicious. Last year was really busy with the move here and all but I resolved this year that I would can my own tuna. Now, almost everyone here cans their own tuna. I'd heard several people say that once you've had fresh home-canned tuna, you'll never eat the stuff from the store again. That's kind of scary for me because we're moving away in a couple years. Will I never eat tuna again after we move?? Can it really be that good?

Anyway, I bought several fish from my neighbor (I happened to get the very last fish of his last tuna run of the season) and he brought them over for me on Saturday. He said I had several days before I had to do anything with it but if you've ever seen the size of a bag of 25+ pounds of tuna loins, you'll know that waiting wasn't an option. I have no room for this in my refrigerator! So I canned tuna on Saturday and Sunday and now I have about 25 jars of tuna in my pantry. Guess what! It really is that good! One of the pints didn't seal so I stuck it in the refrigerator and it was gone less than 24 hours later. That's a pint - about 2 cups! I guess I'll be canning more next year.

Word to the wise, though. If you ever can tuna just throw out all the washcloths you use. That tuna oil smell didn't come out even in a long soak with bleach. On the contrary, now all our whites smell odd. I've put them in the washer again - like I don't already have enough laundry - and hopefully they'll smell normal when they come out this time.

Thursday thankfuls:
great neighbors
electricity (thinking of the outages caused by Ike)
not worrying about where my next meal is coming from - I already know it's tuna, lol


Devin said...

Adverse side effects include making your clothes stink.

connie stenseng said...

Not sure what your e-mail address is Ann and hope you get this, but Kathy forwarded your A day in the life of and I'm hoping I can get on your list. We don't get a chance to see you all very often, thought we might be going to visit Gayden's relatives out there soon as they are all getting up there in their 80's but this summer has been busy for Gayden. Anyway this is a nice way to keep up with your family as we think of you often. It has been many years since you were here, but we really enjoyed having you. Ann, Gayden especially enjoyed visiting with you, no offense Devin. He just had many of the same interests as Ann - maybe the same kind of personality, does not get too riled up about things and likes history, etc. Would like to get your e-mail address also. Thanks. Aunt Connie