Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We've been flocked!!

Devin mentioned last night that the boys should really leave a little extra time this morning before school to check out our new lawn attractions. Evidently, in between the time we got home from Portland around 6:00 and when we went to bed at 10:30, we were "flocked". Devin assumed someone from his work had done it as a joke because the last place we lived was Florida, which is the state most closely associated with flamingos.

When I read the note attached to the "alpha" flamingo (the one closest to the door), I realized it is part of a fundraiser for two Newport girls to go to Washington D.C. as local representatives of something called People to People. The way it raises funds is that we have to pay to get rid of them! Then they go on to a person of our choosing who, in turn, pays more go-away money. Of course, we can also buy "insurance" so the flamingos won't come back. I think this is pretty funny and very clever.... Devin just raised his eyebrows non-committally.

These hot-pink flamingos are a shocking sight in our yard, not only because they are stereotypically trashy lawn ornaments, not only because flamingos clearly do NOT belong in Oregon, but because there is such a glaring contrast between our current lusterless, overcast day and this garish neon-pink flock of birds, one of whom is resting in a BUSH???

I have to admit this made my day.


Barb said...

I was just talking about this on Saturday. The church we used to go to in Raleigh would do this as a fundraiser. I'm afraid it wouldn't work for me because I'd want to KEEP all the flamingos!

Michelle said...

That is HYSTERICAL!! I bet your neighbors are REALLY concerned about the state of the neighborhood! ;)

I actually kind of like them just because they are so juxtaposed to the dreary winter weather! :)

I'd want to keep them for at least a few days!

Donna said...

What a fantastic fundraising idea...VERY original! And I agree with Michelle....definitely leave them there a few days. Who knows... maybe your neighbors will get sick of them first and pay for them to be removed instead of you!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the kind comment on my blog today. :) How are you doing? It's been VERY QUIET on your blog. I hope all is well in Oregon. :)