Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to You...

Dakota turned 10 today. He's growing up so fast. I know, everyone says that about their kids... and they're just exaggerating. I, on the other hand, am merely being honest.

For the first couple birthdays he had carrot cakes (at his request). Then, when he was about four, I made this pumpkin cake and he's never asked for anything else since. I've made this for his birthday every one of the last six years. I love it because it's a "fake" recipe (you just add a couple ingredients to a cake mix) but it turns out so yummy no one believes you don't have some secret family recipe for it.
His big gift this year was a digital camera. He's been begging for a nice one of his own (he and Dylan have been sharing a very inexpensive one) and we hope he is responsible enough to take care of it now that he's TEN!.... Again, he's growing up so fast.
Happy Birthday, Dakota. We love you.


Barb said...

yeah, yeah, yeah, kid growing older, whatever, blah blah blah... What I want to know is about the table runner under the cake. It looks totally adorable! Did you make it? What pattern is it? Priorities people! LOL

Anonymous said...

What an awesome birthday gift!! I think that's cool that he would ask for something so practical! :)