Saturday, December 6, 2008

Teaching Dakota to sew

The boys have both been begging me to teach them to sew. However, I know better than to try to teach them both at the same time. I would be playing yet another variation on my least favorite game, "Which one do I love more?" (For an explanation of this game, see halloween-scare-i-couldve-done-without.html) One would be cutting himself with the rotary cutter while the other pierced _______(pick an appendage) with the sewing machine needle, probably repeatedly! And that's just the FIRST scenario that comes to mind! Give me a minute and I can easily come up with a dozen more! Today, however, I had the perfect opportunity. While Devin took Dylan to the skate park, I helped Dakota choose a project, some fabric, and sew it up. He had a really good time and was extremely excited by his finished item, a steno notebook cover. He loves notebooks, keeping careful tally of who wins what game on game nights. When Devin got home, he exclaimed over and over that he had sewn this all by himself and even made Devin watch him sew for awhile. - I dare you to try to imagine anything more boring than watching someone else sew.

I even got to do one for myself. I've been meaning to do one for weeks but haven't had a chance. They are from a tutorial at two wacky women if anyone out there is interested in a really fast, easy project. ( This just might be what the teachers get for Christmas.

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