Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Conversation with Dylan

Me - snuggling up to my 7-year-old's neck and giving him a kiss, "You are my favorite Dylan in the whole wide world."
Dylan - grinning, "Yeah, yeah, just leave me alone."
Me - teasing "Aren't you going to say I'm your favorite Mommy in the whole wide world?"
Dylan, "Well, there are a lot of Mommies in the world and I don't really know if you're the best. There might be better ones."
Me - feeling slightly deflated, "Even if there are better Mommies, I can still be your favorite, can't I?"
Dylan - grudgingly, "Okay, you're my favorite Mommy.....But I still don't know if you're the best."


Lemon Dingo said...

Hehehehehe...nothing like a child to put us in our place!

Barb said...

Man, I guess he told you! See I'm smart enough not to even start that conversation.