Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Quilty" post

Wow! This has been an insanely busy week! I had a workshop yesterday and today (Friday/Saturday) and had quite a bit of work that had to be done before it even started. This workshop is probably the best I've ever taken. We learned trapunto the first day by doing this block:
For those who don't know what trapunto is, it is extra layers of batting which are cut away in certain areas. The piece is then densely quilted where the extra batting has been cut away to make it lay totally flat, creating a three-dimensional design. Well, it took all day to do this one block as there are several steps involved and lots of quilting. When I brought this one center block home last night and showed Devin, it is a serious understatement to say he was not impressed.

However, the payoff came today. We put the trapunto block together with the pre-made basket blocks and then added a scalloped border, resulting in this:

It's still just a lonely top without batting and backing to keep it company but I'm so pleased with how it turned out that I just had to share! Hopefully I'll have time to finish it soon.

On a related note, I have to brag on Devin. Yes, he stayed home with the kids today so I could go play. Yes, he also took yesterday off work so I could go play (the kids here have no school Friday or Monday). He supervised Dylan's sleepover on Thursday night and took Dakota to his soccer game this morning. As if all these things weren't already great enough, he has to go totally over the top and get me flowers, too. These tulips greeted me when I got home. AWWW. He's the best! I'm totally spoiled.

Saturday thanks for:

Tulips that can be made to bloom in October, my dear over-achieving husband, and computerized sewing machines that make sewing "sew" much fun - definitely NOT in that order!

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Barb said...

Ann ~ that top is SPECTACULAR! I've never done trapunto but I love how it looks. Oh, and you forgot to say, besides all your husbands other attributes that he's really really cute too!