Monday, November 10, 2008

Computer woes

Devin got me a lovely, brand new computer last spring. From the beginning, it has had major issues. I've spent several days on the phone with tech support to try to get things straightened out. The end result of my most recent call (on Thursday) is that they had me erase EVERYTHING and start over as if it was new out of the box. That makes twice in the last six months that I've had to back up and install everything from scratch. To add insult to injury, the DVD drive still didn't work so they sent me a new one. I got the replacement today and I haven't put it in yet but I'm hoping this problem will finally be laid to rest.

The other problem is that every once in a while it throws what I can only describe as a grand-mal tantrum. A grand-mal computer tantrum looks like this. At the same time it emits this horrible screeching sound. The whole thing reminds me of the (true story) man in Germany who was reported for disturbing the peace. When the police officers arrived, they found he had thrown his computer out the window onto the sidewalk below in frustration. They totally understood because they'd often wanted to do the same thing and just asked him nicely to clean up the mess. I can so relate right now.

In the meantime, Devin doesn't understand why I don't just demand that they send me a box to ship it back to them so they can fix it and send it back to me when it works. - I would love to take a short vacation in his brain because I imagine it must be more calm and relaxing than any tropical paradise. Here in the real world, if he asks for a box, they ask if a delay of two days for shipping would be acceptable to him. If I ask for a box in exactly the same tone, I get three more trouble shooting tips to try first. Be that as it may, if these problems aren't resolved this week, I will be getting a box to ship it back to them. Sometimes I wonder why a computer is even necessary. Then I think, "Oh, yeah, my blog..."


Donna said...

You are a VERY patient woman.. I don't think I could cope with the malfunctions without having one myself!

Devin said...

Just make notes to document what you did and I will call and get you a box.