Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

I just finished this book by Kim Edwards. It is fantastic. I've started book clubs in two of the last four places we've lived just so I could discuss books like this one with other people. It's about a doctor who delivers his own twins, one of whom is born with Down's Syndrome. He makes the decision to send the one born with Down's away and tells his wife the child died. The rest of the story explores his reasons for doing this and the consequences this secret decision has on everyone around him. It possibly says more about me than it does about the book, but so much of it really resonated with me. I found it to be thought-provoking and extremely well-written. It's her first novel, although she has written many acclaimed short stories. I don't want to give any details away but if you like to read, do yourself a favor and put The Memory Keeper's Daughter on your reading list.

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Barb said...

I'll have to check this out. I need some "reading" time soon.