Sunday, November 16, 2008

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Today we got to ride roller coasters together! We never get to do this anymore because we ride with the boys or, if one of the boys doesn't want to ride, I stay on the ground with him and Devin rides. Devin is a roller coaster FIEND! I, on the other hand, am deathly scared of heights.

The summer after we got married, Devin and I were talking about what to do for our summer vacation and he suggested Seven-Amusement-Parks-In-Seven-Days. Privately, I'm thinking it sounds like something only a bachelor could think of and only his frat buddies would think of as a good idea (probably after a few beers). Out loud, I said something along the lines of "Gee, honey, that sounds wonderful, but I just don't think we could find seven amusement parks that are that close together." Just as I was getting ready to congratulate myself on my tactful way of declining, he named off the seven amusement parks we could visit and how long it took to get from one to the next. This was one of the most valuable lessons (learned by me) in our first year of marriage. First, never underestimate my husband's planning potential. If he wants something, he lines everything up meticulously and it almost always happens for him. Second, if I want a certain outcome, I need to tell him exactly what it is and not be subtle because he, like most men, doesn't have the chromosome needed to interpret subtlety. The flip side is that he can take my honesty because that same missing chromosome is what would make him take my differing opinion as a personal attack on his judgement. Leading to the third lesson. Compromise is possible. After some discussion, we ended up going to two amusement parks, leisurely sightseeing our way between them.

One of the things I love about Devin is that he is always up for anything I want to do (like go drink wine tomorrow, yippee!). Therefore, I try to willingly and enthusiastically participate in things he wants to do as a way of reciprocating. Today what he wanted to do was to ride in the front AND back of every roller coaster in Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. They have about five big ones. I rode front and back in two with him. I rode once in the third, which he didn't care to go on twice. Rode only once in the fourth with my eyes squeezed tightly shut the whole way, and absolutely refused to board the fifth, even once! -After he rode it, he agreed I wouldn't have liked it at all. Here he is in the front laughing like a maniac! He rode two of the coasters about six times apiece and rode front and back in all. I took pictures instead. Luckily the park wasn't crowded at all and the longest we had to wait was about five minutes (keep in mind he ONLY rode front and back - typically the longest lines). We also got to see a couple animal shows (dolphin, birds, killer whale). Even though it wasn't something I would have done on my own, we really had a blast today. It's a lot easier going to an amusement park without two young children in tow.


Barb said...

Sounds like my kind of day. Show me a roller coaster and I'm there. The bigger ~ The better. Richard, Jen & Nathaniel are all there with me. Julianne & Jeremy, not so much!

Devin said...

just be glad i didn't drag you down to LA for 3 more parks.

Anyone going to six flags discovery kingdom i recommend the medusa and vertical velocity but not tony hawk's big spin and the boomerang.

And if you ever go to a park with Ann don't go on swinging, twisting rides as I was horrified to hear my normally reserved wife screaming and CURSING on the Tasmanian Devil. Maybe I will do the same today at the wineries.

For the guys if you go to Napa Valley with your wife do NOT bring a sport jacket as that may open the door to going to the French Laundry (dinner for 2 is $450). I "forgot" my suit jacket so unfortunatel we will have to wait for that one at a later date. I was originally for going there as it sounded like a strip club to me.