Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pokemon politics

I haven't posted for a while because I've been sick. I've had one of those eyes-popping, pale skin, can't sleep, sudden tickle-sneeze every other minute, kill me before I have to blow my aching red nose one more time, colds. It pretty much put me out of commission for the last three days. I was really glad I voted early because I don't know that I would have made it standing in line feeling like I did on Tuesday. (AND YAAHHHH!! OBAMA!!!) But now I'm on the mend and trying to catch up.

It's amazing how much kids pick up on the politics, even when it's not overtly discussed around them. Devin and I may make random comments here and there, but political discussion still takes a back seat to pure nonsense around our dinner table. We consider it a victory if we can get through a meal without any spilled liquids, tears, or "potty" words (banned at our table - mealtime or not). High-minded ideals are just not on the menu.

So it was heartening to find out that even Dakota picks up some of it by simple osmosis. We were on our way somewhere over the weekend and Dakota was playing Pokemon on his Nintendo DS. He captured a pokemon and named it Barack Obama (its original name was Abamasnow). A few minutes later he captured another one (originally named Sneezel) and named it McCain. What's hilarious is that Abamasnow is a 2nd evolution (highest evolution) who has a special power of making it hail while Sneezel is unevolved with no special powers. Just in case you didn't get that, let me translate. Obama is very highly evolved and can actually control the weather while McCain is just normal with no special powers. How cool is that?!


Lemon Dingo said... is cool that our kids are more politically aware than a generation ago. Certainly I don't remember having the slightest idea about politics when I was a kid. My children made signs to cheer on their candidate of choice and begged to stay up late to watch the results...Now that's a little scary!

Devin said...

Wonder what Palin would have been. Snorlax? Unknown? Scizor? Thank goodness he didn't pick up her name by osmosis.