Friday, November 14, 2008

Sunshine, at last!

The sunshine has finally made an appearance here on the Oregon coast. It has been so foggy and rainy at times that traffic signals are lost in the mist at somewhere between one and two blocks away. It's kind of fun driving down the main road through town because, although I know in general what will become visible next, I find myself paying more attention to things I don't normally really see. Anyway, the last time we've seen the sun at all here was sometime just before Halloween.

My parents arrived for a visit on Thursday and they brought the sun with them. -It's been absolutely beautiful ever since. They are staying through Thanksgiving, which is wonderful for two reasons. First, I love to have company over the holidays. It makes it a lot more fun to have more than just our family sitting around the table for Thanksgiving dinner. Since we're geographical orphans that has sometimes meant eating at someone else's table but that's okay, too. We have some wonderful friends in Florida who always adopted us for Thanksgiving and I find myself thinking of them especially often at this time of year (If you're reading, "Hi, Tom and Maria and family"). Second, Devin and I are taking off tomorrow for San Francisco. This is the first real vacation (longer than a couple days) we've had without the boys since Dakota was in Kindergarten, which was five years ago. I'm really excited!


Barb said...

You are really excited and I am really jealous. would your parents come stay at my house so Richard and I could go away?

Donna said... husband and I get excited about date night.....and you are having a "date vacation"...very nice. Enjoy!